The first encounter I had with a Sea Trout was by chance when I was 7 years old fishing from a pier with sandworms in the northern part of Zealand – after that, I fished anywhere and everywhere there was some water, but when I was 15 years old I saw something which I have been fascinated by ever since.

Seeing a skilled fly caster send the fly over the water in small and beautiful narrow loops is a fantastic sight and that was exactly what I saw on a family trip to Sweden. I watched a Swedish angler casting in a stream near Gothenburg and decided there and then that this was something I should and WOULD learn. The same year in September I caught 3 small Trout on a fly but my casting techique was lousy. It was then I started training on grass 3 times a week regularly and any extra time I had too. Training is a must if you want to be a skilled and good fly caster. 

At that time, there were no casting instructors so I had to find out for myself but nowadays, it is much easier to learn from an experienced instructor. I myself am now a danish certified fishing guid and instructor (Danish Sport Fishermen's Association) in one-handed and two-handed fly casting and have had many course participants over the years.  I am also an  Ambassador for LTS ( Loop team Syrstad) flyfishing Denmark.

My home water is West Zealand where I also live and have been fly fishing for over 40 years so I am very well acquainted with the territory here. Since I am also a diver, I have found some of the good fishing spots with an oxygen tank on my back. These are often lesser known spots where I can fish alone without ever meeting another fisherman. The coastline here is some of the most beautiful in the country and has some of the best reefs where countless big Trout have landed in the past. In the summer, I often fish in the rivers of Jutland and also in Norway/Sweden. 

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I am a certified Danish fishing guide offering guided trips mostly around the coast of West Zealand which is where I was born, raised where and still live. I´ve been fishing the area for more than 40 years and have come to know all the best spots – also the lesser known ones.

It´s often very windy in Denmark and when fly fishing, it´s first and foremost the wind which decides for us where we fish. No matter what, I will do my best to make your trip an enjoyable experience as much as possible – and with a little luck, you´ll hopefully land a few fish too. 

I will contact you the day before to let you know the plan and where to meet up and where to park. On the actual day, I´ll tell you what the strategy for the chosen fishing spot should be and give advice on what tackle should be used.

5 hours guided trip costs 500 DKK/person including tea/coffee and snacks. Max 4 anglers.

8 hours guided trip costs 800 DKK/person including te/coffee and snacks. Max 4 anglers.